The Players

Andrew Lococo, Owner
Created and operated the Cockatoo Inn from its beginning in the mid 1950s. Labeled by the FBI as a member of organized crime, Lococo died in jail from a heart attack in 1973.

John F. Kennedy, US President
JFK was the 35th President and was assasinated in 1963. According to a 1997 New York Times article, he was rumored to have had a reserved room at the Cockatoo Inn.

Marilyn Monroe, Actress, Model, Socialite
According to a 1997 New York Times article, she was rumored to have had rendezvoused at the Cockatoo Inn with at least one of the Kennedy brothers.

Quentin Tarantino, Writer, Director, Actor
Tarantino’s adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s book “Rum Punch” became the 1997 film, “Jackie Brown.” Some of his scenes are set at the Cockatoo Inn.