Welcome to the first-ever Cockatoo Inn website. These pages set to remember the Cockatoo Inn, which was located in Hawthorne, California until it closed in the mid-90s. (See more in History.)

What to expect from this site
Primarily, this site is focused on content related to the Cockatoo Inn and the colorful life of Andrew Lococo. It is divided (mostly) into two types of posts: historical events and personal memories from users. There will be other types of content as well, such as entertainment posts.

Secondarily, related posts may include topics including organized crime, gambling, midcentury LA (or midcentury in general), Quentin Tarantino, issues related to Hawthorne (past and present), The Beach Boys, horse racing, defense industry, Mattel, and various other topics that are tangentially related to the local area or the Cockatoo.

New Posts
We’ll try to add new content at least every month, but sometimes it won’t be possible. To be notified of new content, follow us on Twitter or Instagram: @cocaktooinn.

If it’s your first time here, a good place to start would be the general History page. We encourage comments, but for everyone’s sake, let’s try to keep it clean, relevant, apolitical and areligious. We reserve the right to reject comments that do not adhere to those basic conditions.

There will be errurs errors. Typos, grammar, extra spaces, formatting – the works. However, multiple sweeps of posts occur and known errors will be fixed when a moment avails. If you’d like to submit a correction to a fact or claim, please include a source (eg., newspaper, official document, etc.) with clear evidence that explains your correction. We reserve the right to accept or reject submitted corrections.

Who runs this site and why?
My name is Phil, and I started this site after the sudden death of my brother. When sifting through memories of him, I remembered he took me to the Cockatoo Inn when I was young. It was a great memory, and it became the driving force behind starting this site.

I approach this project with total love for the Cockatoo, and an appreciation of what Andy Lococo achieved, while:

  • discussing some events objectively, as a matter of historical fact
  • sharing user-submitted, subjective, personal memories

You’ll may see organized crime content here, because a) it’s a big part of 20th century LA (America?), and b) it’s fascinating to me. It doesn’t mean I am portraying Andy negatively or positively. So when crime-related phrases are used, they are intended to be stated as matters-of-fact. That is, without judgment.

Lastly, it might be noteworthy to point out that I manage the site alone, without any explicit endorsements from anyone in the Lococo family. We welcome your memories! Email friends@cockatooinn.com or find us @cockatooinn on Instagram or Twitter.

Reposting content from this site
As a considerable effort has been made to compile the decades-old information you see, we simply ask that you credit us if you are to post text or images from this site. Attribution is as follows:

General mention: “Cockatooinn.com” (Comments, Blogs, etc.)

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