Show your love for the Cockatoo with our t-shirt!

We turned to our friends at Royale with Tees to make the official Cockatoo Inn T-shirt! They also carry the official Cockatoo Inn Hoodie in limited quantities.

Availability of sizes and colors varies. Click or tap the image to buy the shirt at our partner site:

closeup of the official Cockatoo Inn t-shirt design


The Official Cockatoo Inn T-shirt is designed and printed in USA. They are fulfilled by Royale with Tees and ship FREE in the US!

Why buy the official Cockatoo t-shirt and not the cheapest one I can find online?

Royale with Tees™ is the official partner of, and is the only place to get our official tee. If you see other Cockatoo shirts online, they are fakes. (Google has already taken down some of them.) Buying the official shirt from Royale with Tees helps fund this website, which we run at our own expense, for the love of the Cockatoo. Thank you so much for visiting and supporting us!

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