5 thoughts on “A hotel called Borrego de Oro

  1. I was the original partner with Dixon Collins and his wife Barbara in the development and construction of Hotel Punt Chivato.

    I worked with Andy and Dave Rice in the purchase and construction of Andy’s “CASINO”. We operated under a Mexican Corporation (Bearer Stock)in which Octovio Yano held in his Construction Co. I am 92 and have vivid accounts of those wild days.

    1. I am confused about your original ownership with Dixon Collins. I live at Punta Chivato, and I met with Octavio Yano (Llano) in 2019. We talked about the construction of the hotel, he did not mention you. Can you fill me in? Thanks, George

  2. I live at Punta Chivato, and edited the book “At the End of a Very Bad Road” about the history of Punta Chivato (published in 2018) by the Home Owners Association of Punta Chivato. I would like to get permission to use information on your website for inclusion in a new printing.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting. I sent you an email regarding licensing our content for your book. Please check at your earliest convenience.

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