6 thoughts on “A hotel called Borrego de Oro

  1. I was the original partner with Dixon Collins and his wife Barbara in the development and construction of Hotel Punt Chivato.

    I worked with Andy and Dave Rice in the purchase and construction of Andy’s “CASINO”. We operated under a Mexican Corporation (Bearer Stock)in which Octovio Yano held in his Construction Co. I am 92 and have vivid accounts of those wild days.

    1. I am confused about your original ownership with Dixon Collins. I live at Punta Chivato, and I met with Octavio Yano (Llano) in 2019. We talked about the construction of the hotel, he did not mention you. Can you fill me in? Thanks, George

  2. I live at Punta Chivato, and edited the book “At the End of a Very Bad Road” about the history of Punta Chivato (published in 2018) by the Home Owners Association of Punta Chivato. I would like to get permission to use information on your website for inclusion in a new printing.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting. I sent you an email regarding licensing our content for your book. Please check at your earliest convenience.

  3. Fond memories………Since 1972 or about Every year Since 1975 …. …we never stayed at the hotel , Since we preferred isolation…..but camped on one of the little bays just north,,,,,, I believe we paid 5 dollars to camp and use the open air showers. My memory is scanty ,,,,, at that time a man named Bill , Kinda over saw the grounds,,,,he had a deer tied up near the showers.

    Like I say, I’m. Old now, And “ dingy” ,,,,we used to visit with another couple, Name. PATCHENs. They had house. Somewhere nearby. I know the husband, wrote a book about their canoe trip from San Felipe to …… I think , Loreto. A friend who lined in San Quintin. ….and I had planned on taking a “ memory” trip this month,,,,,but due to coven, And other complications , Guess I’m stuck. About 10 years. ago, I had a house in Todos Santos……wonderful place. My love there was to dive I had an Hawaiian Sling…. To catch our dinner with. My husband loved his dirt bike, We compromised. I live in Ramona calif now……will quite boring you,,, we did stay at hotel , on stormy nights, Also, the dinners were Fabulous!

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