Hotel Borrego de Oro

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  1. I was the original partner with Dixon Collins and his wife Barbara in the development and construction of Hotel Punt Chivato.

    I worked with Andy and Dave Rice in the purchase and construction of Andy’s “CASINO”. We operated under a Mexican Corporation (Bearer Stock)in which Octovio Yano held in his Construction Co. I am 92 and have vivid accounts of those wild days.

    1. I am confused about your original ownership with Dixon Collins. I live at Punta Chivato, and I met with Octavio Yano (Llano) in 2019. We talked about the construction of the hotel, he did not mention you. Can you fill me in? Thanks, George

  2. I live at Punta Chivato, and edited the book “At the End of a Very Bad Road” about the history of Punta Chivato (published in 2018) by the Home Owners Association of Punta Chivato. I would like to get permission to use information on your website for inclusion in a new printing.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting. I sent you an email regarding licensing our content for your book. Please check at your earliest convenience.

  3. Fond memories………Since 1972 or about Every year Since 1975 …. …we never stayed at the hotel , Since we preferred isolation…..but camped on one of the little bays just north,,,,,, I believe we paid 5 dollars to camp and use the open air showers. My memory is scanty ,,,,, at that time a man named Bill , Kinda over saw the grounds,,,,he had a deer tied up near the showers.

    Like I say, I’m. Old now, And “ dingy” ,,,,we used to visit with another couple, Name. PATCHENs. They had house. Somewhere nearby. I know the husband, wrote a book about their canoe trip from San Felipe to …… I think , Loreto. A friend who lined in San Quintin. ….and I had planned on taking a “ memory” trip this month,,,,,but due to coven, And other complications , Guess I’m stuck. About 10 years. ago, I had a house in Todos Santos……wonderful place. My love there was to dive I had an Hawaiian Sling…. To catch our dinner with. My husband loved his dirt bike, We compromised. I live in Ramona calif now……will quite boring you,,, we did stay at hotel , on stormy nights, Also, the dinners were Fabulous!

    1. Thanks for your comment Florence, sounds like wonderful memories. And being in the San Diego metro area doesn’t sound too bad either 🙂

  4. A new printing (mid 2022) of the book “At the End of a Very Bad Road” will include additional stories about Punta Chivato. Anyone with personal experience or information about Punta Chivato in the 1960’s is invited to send it to me for possible inclusion in the update:

    1. How can I get the book? Also I have lots of interesting stories about the resort and nearby beaches if you are interested. However all are from 1973 on when the road was completed. Duane

  5. Growing up in Newport Beach, my folks sometimes hosted a stay for their gentleman friend, Cleveland Benedict Crudgington. (My dad was a real estate broker & land developer, and fellow fisherman and local character, who went on many fishing trips to Mexico with him)
    I remember flying down to P.Chivato, I believe, in 1971 or 1972, in his private airplane to Mr Crudgington’s new resort to stay for a week. It was my dad & mom, me on crutches (about 11 or 12 yrs old, and 2 of his dogs, (one of which was also sporting an injury, had a leg in a cast!) It was just a main house, a few casitas, & a dirt airstrip. Being an avid beachcomber & she’ll collector in Hawaii, I remember hobbling along Beach on crutches, & pointing to shells & coral I wanted my mom to pick up for me! And she did! Bless her heart. Mr. Crudgington was like an uncle to me. My mom told me he was related to Andrew jackson. I remember him being a statuesque pillar of a man, who did look just like the man on a $20 bill! That was all I remember of him & Punta Chivato. I had no idea of it’s crazy past. Missing my youth & innocence!

    1. Wow, great times indeed. I googled a pic of Cleve, and you were right about him being statuesque (his wife was rather tall, too). Thanks for sharing your story!

  6. From the mid 70’s into the 90’s I visited Punta Chivato almost every year. Sometimes there was a working hotel but most of the time it was abandoned. Heard the stories of an Oregon based plane crash there and that drugs were found. The bay there was incredible and our house is full of items I made from all the collected shells. Best memory was camping on the beaches to the west of the airstrip when there were no houses, only a fish camp or two. So beautiful then unlike what it is now.

  7. I pit crewed for various race teams in the late 70s and early 80s. I’d passed Hotel Puta Chivato a few times on Baja 1000 races, but we were always in a hurry and never stopped in. The as newlyweds my wife and I drove down the peninsula as tourists in 1983 I think. We stayed at the hotel for a few nights. It was wonderful, classic Baja. All electricity was from a generator that was turned off at night. The owner, an older gringo, would hit golf balls in to the gulf, then don snorkeling gear and go get his golf balls. Our room was in the old part of the hotel, one low window was broken (classic Baja) and the hotel cat would walk on in and spend the night with us. I remember the bar was packed at night, mostly with pilots who flew in . They even had CNN on the bar TV. It was so odd, we were in the wilds of Baja yet this hotel had satellite TV.

    We just got back from two weeks in Mulege (May 2023) on our annual pilgrimage. Hotel Serinidad is still its old self which was nice to see. Unfortunately though, old Baja is slowly giving way to development and high prices. We paid more for diesel in Baja last week then we do in San Diego. Goodies in the OXXO were expensive and simple Mexican meals aren’t a cheap any longer. I guess progress costs money.

    But I have to confess, we were camped on a nice quiet beach and I was hooked up to the world with my Starlink. We even saw the aurora that hit earth three weeks ago. It was awesome.

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