While purusing the socials, we came across the account Historic Los Angeles, who posted a memory from Los Angelan, Jose Garcia, posted March 30, 2018:

When I was a kid living in Lennox, CA across the street from Hawthorne, CA, I used to walk by the Cockatoo Inn on my way home from Larch Elementary School. It closed down in 1996 and was demolished in 2005. The original sign still stands next to a new Comfort Inn Hotel built in its place. But in the 1990s, I was fortunate to have a whiskey sour at the cocktail lounge with my friend Julio and my brother George. And with my friend Hugo at a Hawthorne City Council Luncheon in one of the Banquet Rooms, before the Cockatoo Inn disappeared into the LA history books.

Thanks to Jose for allowing us to share this memory. His story only goes to show that: 1) there’s nothing like sittin’ down with a cocktail with friends, and 2) no matter how brief or how seldom, a single experience at the Cockatoo Inn is one to treasure for a lifetime.

A memory from Los Angelan Jose Garcia was an excerpt of this original post. Follow @joe_from_la and @historic_los_angeles on Instagram.

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