We recently connected with former Cockatoo Inn employee, Val Crotty. When Val worked at the Cockatoo, the joint was in different hands. By 1978, Andrew Lococo had already passed. Despite this, the Cockatoo still had an air of intrigue that commanded a certain level of esteem.

Guy walks into a bar

Let’s step back a moment. How did a kid from the midwest get a job in Los Angeles in the first place? Val explains:

“I arrived in LA at age 19. I decided to find a job within walking distance from my apartment. As soon as I saw The Cockatoo Inn from Imperial Highway, I was drawn in. I went to the day-shift hostess – a sweet motherly type – and asked her if they were hiring. Apparently she liked me because she left her station and fetched her husband, Bob. He was a manager and ran Room Service during the day. It just so happened that he needed someone to be in charge at night. He hired me on the spot!

Lifelong love affair

So, guy walks into a bar and lands a job on his first try. How did Val like working at the Cockatoo?

Thus began my love affair with The Cockatoo Inn and the entire staff. Most were “lifers” and were all just perfect. In two years, I switched to the bell desk as Assistant Bell Captain. I did that until one of my trainees went to The Beverly Hills Hotel. He introduced me, and they liked me so much that they offered me a job. Cockatoo Inn and the Beverly Hills Hotel – my two most favorite jobs in the world to date.”

When Val worked at the Cockatoo, he did many things, like room service, bell service, and helping out wherever he was needed. Sometimes he even drove the Cockatoo Inn limo!

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We love hearing these types of personal stories. So many people have a connection with the Cockatoo. Sometimes as patrons, sometimes as employees. Which were you?  Let us know in the comments!

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