Over the years, the Cockatoo has had many employees, managers, proprietors – all the people who contributed to make it the memorable landmark it was. Recently, we learned about someone who statedly worked at the Cockatoo, bartender Allan Rivelli.

Early Days

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Allan Rivelli was listed in the 1940 US Census as a resident of Tillamook County, Oregon. According to census data, he worked part time as a bartender in a “private club.” The thirty-two year old was listed as a resident of 102 1 Street East, Tillamook, OR, alongside his wife Esther, and daughters Theresa and Camille. Their rent was listed at an astonishing $20 per month!

Cockatoo Inn Allan Rivelli 1940 census

Even having a total 1939 salary of $1,040, twenty dollars per month for rent is exceptionally affordable by today’s standards!

Los Angeles

By 1950, Allan and family moved from Oregon to Los Angeles. They added a daughter, Joy, who was 9 that year. By then, “bartender Allan Rivelli” was a postman, while wife Esther was labeled as “general laborer” and daughter Theresa, now 18, worked as a clerk in an insurance office.

Allan Rivelli postman and bartender Cockatoo Inn

According to his family, Allan eventually went back to tending bar, at the Cockatoo Inn sometime in the 1950s-60s. Above is a photo of him in his Cockatoo uniform.

A patron even did a sketch of Allan at the Cockatoo bar:

Allan Rivelli sketch

The writing is a bit hard to read, but we can make out “Al at the Cockatoo” at least.

Were you or someone you know a patron or employee during that time? If you have any knowledge of Cockatoo bartender Allan Rivelli, his well-known “favors” or connections, please comment below or reach out to us at friends@cockatoooinn.com!


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