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  1. My wife Huguette and I used to have dinner at the Cockatoo in the 60’s. I remember the delicious primerib at the buffet and the cocktails. Fabulous !

  2. My mom, Nell Young worked at the Cockatoo for over 25 years. She did many jobs there. I remember her picking me up after school and I would help set up the banquet tables. We lived on Roselle Ave in Hawthorne. So many great memories. Any remember my mom?

      1. I believe she started working in the late 1940s. She was there until 1966 when our family move to San Jose.

  3. my nana worked there in the 60’s does anyone remember her name was Jessie Inez Howard and my papa Floyd Grubbs she was a waitress and also dottie wylie i remember her great stories of the famous resturant

  4. I was a frequent guest staying at the Cockatoo during the 1970’s. I always looked forward to dining at the restaurant. The crab salad was excellent and to this day I am attempting to duplicate the recipe but without success. Does anyone have any input? The Cockatoo was a classy place and the people I met there were always interesting. Great memories!

  5. My Dad was the Executive Chef at the Cockatoo during Peter’s tenure, mid 1960s. We met Andy Lococo and saw him several times when my Mom and I dined there. I used to order Fettuccine Alfredo and was always prepared table side, French service. A notable feature in the restaurant was an animated likeness of Andy and his wife serving steins of beer, and a diorama of two stuffed Cockatoos on a branch behind glass.

    For the Christmas party Andy sent a black limousine to our house to pick us up … it was a pretty neat thing for a nine-year-old. Andy had just remodeled his event space and was very proud of the rheostats used to dim the lights … he gleefully demonstrated them for us. He was talking to my Dad about opening up a new seafood restaurant in San Diego where his tuna fleet was … sadly he died before any of that came to pass.

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