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  1. I was a cook at the Cockatoo for a brief period in 1965, during it’s hay day. I was 20 at the time. I got the job through my mother’e boyfriend, Ted Benveniste and his partner. Ted owned a catering truck and covered the docks in Long Beach. Specifically C-deck, where all the heavy containers full of merchandise were. He always had a trunk load of suits or Italian shoes, etc. He was also a gambler and lived in Garden and hung out at the Casinos.
    He owned a harness racing horse with his partner, a retired LAPD Detective. The ex-cop and Ted were always hanging out at the Cockatoo. They got me the job. I knew Andy Lococo and he treated his workers respectfully; always saying hello. I used to go to the harness races with Ted and his partner. Ted always said harness racing was easier to fix , than thoroughbred racing. Interesting times.

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