When we started this website, we were shocked to find that no one ever wanted this domain. In a way it’s understandable that the Cockatoo Inn never had an official website. It closed just as the web started to take off. But, better late than never. In the short time we’ve been building the site, we’ve noticed that we just got a linked mention in the New York Times.

An article dated August 13, 2019 was written about “Tarantino’s Los Angeles in Six Key Locations.”  In it, writer Julie Bloom described how Los Angeles was depicted in cinema by the acclaimed director. She mentioned locations such as the Hawthorne Grill in Pulp Fiction and Musso and Frank’s in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Later, she noted a more revealing Tarantino in Jackie Brown:

“It’s in “Jackie Brown” that Tarantino’s South Bay roots can be seen most clearly…Plenty of South Bay natives make an appearance in the film, like the Cockatoo Inn in Hawthorne, an apartment complex in Hermosa Beach and Cherry’s Bail Bonds in Carson.”

Other sites were referenced, including the Kill Bill Church in Lancaster, Johnnies on Wilshire, and more. A screenshot of the mention is below.

We’re just glad the site is up and that there’s actually something for media outlets to link to. It’s not everyday one gets a mention in the New York Times. So thanks, Cockatoo readers, for your continued interest in our site.

New York Times Cockatoo Inn
Image: New York Times Website

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