The Cockatoo Inn is long gone, so it’s difficult to even imagine walking into that place in its heyday. Luckily, our friend Dick Church remembers his first time visiting the Cockatoo Inn in 1965:

“The Cockatoo was the place recommended by the people I was working with at TRW for me to stay during a visit there to hold some meetings and witness testing of an electronics unit they had built for a project I was working on at the time.  Was overwhelmed by the place – I have often told people that when I walked into their beautiful Lounge the first afternoon there I thought: “I had died and gone to heaven.”  Coming from down South (Florida and Tennessee) I had never heard of nor seen a place that for the price of a drink, handed out wonderful free food at cocktail hour, had a band playing and a floor of people having a great time dancing to the music.  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and made many return visits, frequenting their Lounge many times over the years.

And what happened with the job interview?

After visting the Cockatoo Inn that time, TRW contacted me and offered me a job working there as an Engineer.  The personnel department put me up at the Plush Horse in Redondo during the time I was interviewing.   I thought, my goodness there is a different feel to places to stay in California than in any other part of the country I had been to.  The only thing close maybe was New Orleans and the nice hotels there.  I ended up accepting the position at TRW and remained working for them in California for many years.”

Everyone has a unique story, and we enjoyed hearing Mr. Church’s experience of visiting the cockatoo inn in 1965. He also sent in some great images which you can find in our Photos section. Many thanks to Mr. Church of Tennessee.

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