Today is Valentine’s Day 2020, and thought we’d share this amazing Valentine’s Day Ad for the Cockatoo Inn that ran in Los Angeles newspapers back in 1981:

For its time, this was a great Valentine’s Day Ad for the Cockatoo Inn. Strong headline, strong branding, and great dominant lace-heart imagery. And the typography was stylish, something you seldomly see from 1980s design. Suprisingly, it still stands up today!

The World in 1981

At the time this ad ran in LA:

  • Magic Johnson played the game of his life just months earlier to win the NBA Championship as a rookie
  • President Ronald Regan would be sworn into office weeks after the ad ran
  • The first production DeLorean automobile was produced in Northern Ireland, and was immortalized in 1985’s Back to the Future
  • The ground-breaking show, “Hill Street Blues” debuted on NBC
  • Singer Alicia Keys was born during this month

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